Donate an object


Clare Museum’s collections include over 4,000 objects, many of which have been donated by individuals. If you have an object you would like to donate, we would love to hear from you.

How do I donate an object to the Museum?

  • Check the Museum’s Collection Policy. This will help you to understand whether your object is suitable for donating, and outlines some of the ways the Museum will care for the object.
  • If you are happy that your object is suitable for donating, contact us to arrange a meeting with our curator.
  • The curator may request up to 40 days to assess the object against the rules regulating object donation. An ‘object entry form’ will be filled out by both of you, recording the details of the object, and you will receive a copy of the form. The curator will contact you once a decision has been made.
  • If the Museum agrees to accept the donation, you can sign over ownership of the object to the Museum. If not, the object will be returned to you.

What happens to the object after I donate it?

By donating an object to the Museum, you can ensure it will be preserved for future generations, available for people to view, and accessible as a learning and research resource. All donated objects will be cared for under strict guidelines. Donated objects will be displayed on our online collections database in due course. Many objects may also go on display in the Museum building’s exhibition spaces, either on short- or long-term display.