‘Sharing our Stories’ at Killaloe Boys NS

Taking the museum out of the building can benefit everybody.

Button from West Clare Railway uniform, with letters WCR in relief

5 objects from the West Clare Railway

Crosslinking across four collections, five items associated with the West Clare Railway.

Bee-hive quern fragment from MacDuagh's Hermitage.

2 quernstone fragments from MacDuagh’s Hermitage

How the remains of two quernstones from the same site ended up in our collection.

A small group of school children sit facing a teacher in the Museum's long-term exhibition

Our pivot towards education

Why Clare Museum has appointed an Education Officer for the first time.


'Trying to make an attraction out of nothing': Neville Chamberlain's pen

Using a provocative object to elicit engagement with the public resulted in some interesting responses.


6 Objects of Death and Remembrance

Cross-linking objects of death and remembrance associated with Clare and its people.


Another ‘Loan Out’

The story of Clare hurler John Joe Doyle's innovative homemade PPE, currently on loan to the National Museum of Ireland.

This is your key to the ‘secret museum’. Here we will share the stories that the objects in our collections tell us. We will also shed light on the things we do behind-the-scenes to care for and manage our collections.