Audio Cassette Tape

Audio cassette tape, The Furey's, with inlay card and container.


Audio cassette tape, plastic, ’16 All Time Favourites from the Furey’s and Davey Arthur; transluscent cassette; includes a paper inlay card featuring an image of the band. Track listing are included on the reverse of the inlay card. Container included and carries a sticker from ‘Mary’s of Ennis’ for £2.99. Side one tracks: 1. When you were sweet sixteen; 2. Dublin; 3. When I leave behind Neidin; 4. The green fields of France; 5. I will love you ev’ry time; 6. The first leaves of autumn; 7. Scarlet ribbons; 8. I’ll take you home again Kathleen; 9. The red rose cafe; 10. The grand affair; 11. Maggie; 12. The leaving of Nancy; 13. My love is like a red, red rose; 14. The lonesome boatman; 15. Stealaway.

The donor preferred to listen to music rather than watching television and these days listens to music on compact discs.

Collection: Bridget Cooley

Category: Machine-readable record

2016.0021 (5151)