Stone Axe

Axe, stone, black, grey on side edges, found in Carrowduff, Kilshanny.


Stone Axe, black, rough edges along sides, polished cutting edge but otherwise rough surface, stone seems to be grey underneath the black surface, this is very obvious along the edge. Found near Kilshanny.

Found in the corner of a field on Kilshanny to Ennistymon Road, about a mile outside the village where a rubble mound was located. The mound consisted of stones of various sizes collected from the tillage field over several decade, and is partly covered by weeds. Mr Kennedy found the axe on the survface of the ground among stones gathered from the field after tilling in about 1997. It is probable that the stone axe came to the survface after years of tilling in the field and had been removed to the corner prior to 1997.

Collection: National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1994

Category: Tool/Implement

2018.1112 (5553)