B/w, Sandy Cove, Kilkee, correspondence dated 20 August 1919.


Postcard, b/w, Sandy Cove, Kilkee, dated 19 August, 1919. Photograph shows children on the rocks at Kilkee, with the town of Kilkee in the background. Reverse: carries correspondence written in pencil and it is addressed to Miss George Goodwin, 3 Rue Pergoliu, Hotel Sylvia, Paris, France. It carries two halfpenny stamps, postmarked, Kilkee, County Clare, August 20, 1919.

The correspondence on the reverse reads:

Spending two weeks holiday here. It is most enjoyable and delightful swimming. I meant to write before leaving, but had no time and I shall be busy when I get back for a few weeks. I hope you both are very well – how are the boys? Has (illegible) taken the step yet! Plenty of dancing here every night but I do not go. Sleep is more in my line – lazy as usual you will say. Left Dolly address at home therefore cannot send here a card. Love (illegible)

The address is probably an error, and should read 3 Rue Peroglese, which is still the address of a hotel to this day.

Collection: Teanie Culligan

Category: Communication Equipment, Visual Representation

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