Badge, green, shamrock shaped, Home Rule


Badge, green shamrock shaped card badge, printed in gold coloured capital letters, underlined, across the front is the following: WE MUST/HAVE/HOME RULE”. Printed in gold coloured letters on front on the stem part is the following: “GUY’S/PRINTERS/LIMERICK”. The back of the badge is covered in coated fabric which holds a metal pin between it and the front.

The badge forms part of the de Valera Museum collection, a group of objects which were transferred from the de Valera Museum to the Clare Museum on its establishment in 2000.

To demonstrate that the wearer was in favour of Home Rule in Ireland during the later years of the 18th century and the early 20th century.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Medallion/Badge

2003.0027 (7050)