Black and white, South View of Broadford, Hely's Limited, Dublin.


Black and white, South View of Broadford, Hely’s Limited, Dublin. Correspondence on reverse reads, ‘Dear Teanie, forgive my apparent unkindness for not writing to you all the time, but will explain next time. Had a line from Sall today, told me she had a line from you. Sorry to hear you being gone. Are you coming to the dance. Give my best wishes to Cissy, and goodbye from you best pal Florrie, let me have a long letter from you.’ Addressed to Teanie O’Connor Lissycasey PO, County Clare., stamped Broadford, Limerick, date illegible.

Collected by Teanie Culligan (nee O’Connor) of Lissycasey, County Clare, born 1899 and died in 1964. She trained as a nurse and lived in Limerick.

It was donated to the museum by her son.

Collection: Teanie Culligan

Category: Communication Equipment, Visual Representation

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