Caculator, blue plastic, for Euro to Punt, Punt to Euro calculations, issued by Forfás, 2001.


Calculator, blue, plastic, for Euro to Punt, Punt to Euro changover. Forfás logo is in the top left hand corner of the calculator and the flag of the European Union is in the top right hand corner. Large black buttons with white numbers. On the reverse ‘Ennis TIO’ is written in white tippex. Battery operated.

The introduction of the euro was overseen by the Euro Changeover Board of Ireland which was a special agency created on May 5, 1998 by the Minister for Finance; this agency provided a wide variety of information including converters, training packs, images and public advertisements on a wide range of media to ensure a successful transfer. This currency calculator was used in Ennis Tourist Office.

Collection: Ennis Tourist Information Office

Category: Currency Calculator

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