Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events, booklet, Ennis Celebrating 750 Years, 2nd Edition.


Calendar of Events, booklet, Ennis 750, 2nd Edition, colour, outlining events during 1990 commemorating Ennis, names included are President Patrick Hillery, Taoiseach Charles J Haughey, opera soloist Bernadette Greevy.

Margery Normile was a supervisor of a FAS Graphic Design course in 1990. In the years before the Celtic Tiger roared, FAS was a state agency with responsibility for assisting those seeking employment.

The Graphic Design course which produced this item and others in the Normile Collection was two years in duration and intended to provide skills to trainees and to aid their future employment. Most found good jobs afterwards. Items such as this one were designed as part of the training, to promote the events held to mark the 750th anniversary of the foundation of Ennis.

Margery Normile retained samples of the work produced by the course during Ennis 750 for posterity. She kept them in two homemade cardboard folders, one marked January to May 1990, and the other June to December 1990.

Ennis 750 celebrations began in January 1990 with cultural, artistic, sporting and other events scheduled throughout the year.

Collection: Ennis 750

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