Membership card

Card, Repeal Association member's card of Mr. D. Burke, 1843


Card, membership card of Loyal National Appeal Association of Ireland, dated 1843. Off-white rectangular card printed in portrait format, with black text and imagery. A double lined border occurs inside the edge. A shamrock in the centre top has the words “GOD SAVE THE QUEEN” in a semi-circle above it. Each separate leaf of the shamrock contains a word inside its edge, reading from left to right “Catholic/Dissenter/Protestant”; printed up the centre of the shamrock is “QUIS SEPARABIT?”. The title of the organisation is printed on either side of the shamrock and beneath it, reading from left to right as follows: “LOYAL NATIONAL/REPEAL ASSOCIATION/OF IRELAND.” Beneath the title is a printed line above which is written in manuscript the name of the member “Mr. D. Burke”, beneath this is printed “Having paid One Shilling is Enrolled as/A REPEALER,/on the Books of the Association./Dated this 1 day of May 1843/Thos. Matw. Ray/Secretary.” The day’s date and the month are written in manuscript. Beneath this is a printed image of a circular classical style building with two arched entrances one to the left and one to the right, above this in an oval space formed inside a sunburst containing the date “1782.” and beneath the image of the building is the motto “IT WAS AND SHALL BE.” Under the border at the base to the left is the word “Holbrooke S.C.” and to the right is “4 Crow Street”.

This Repeal Movement Association Card was issued to David Bourke in 1842. It was found among the possessions of the late Agnes Bourke, Kilkee, who died in the early 1960’s and was taken to the US by the Irish born father of the donor.

Collection: Ellen D. Murphy

Category: Communication Equipment

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