Carder Comb

Carding comb with wire teeth, wooden frame and handle


Carding paddle, rectangular shaped wooden paddle attached to one side leather backing from which protrude wire teeth 1.5cm in length, backing is attached to paddle with metal tacks. A wooden handle is attached through a socket to the centre base of the paddle, held in place by two tacks inserted from the back. The handle is flat towards the brush side and gently curved on the opposite side where it tapers sharply towards the back of the paddle. The letters “PM” are engraved into the top centre of the back of the paddle.

This was used for the carding of wool in Mullagh, Kilrush a century ago. Carding wool involved the cleaning, separating and straightening of wool fibres after the sheep was shorn.

Category: Tool/Implement

2001.0180 (7048)