Cheque, Munster & Leinster Bank, Ennis, 13 Nov 1916, to T. Downes & Son


Cheque, Munster & Leinster Bank, Ennis, 31 November, 1916. No. 25055. Pounds 1-19-2 payable to P. Downes & Son by Patrick Carroll and John Darcy. Number 24? in manuscript at top centre. Crossed & Co. One rubber stamp on front, circular, Paid/15 Nov/1916. Embossed in red and white on right is a One Penny revenue stamp. The left side of the cheque contains a decorative cartouche embellished at the top and bottom with a highly decorative foliate design containing shamrocks. Cartouche contains coats of arms, provinces of Munster and Leinster. Printers name vertically to left of this – Purcell, Cork. Amount to be paid in manuscript, words and numbers, and signed at bottom right by Patrick Carroll and John Darcy. Reverse contains single rubber stamp; oval, The Provincial Bank Limited/No…./Ennis, and payee’s company and signature, J. Downes & Sons/Michael Downes

The premises in which the object was found was the former premises of the Irish National Foresters, Court Daniel O’Connell, in Ennis, since 1895. The Irish National Foresters split from the British-based Ancient Order of Foresters for political reasons in 1877.

Collection: Foresters

Category: Currency

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