Coffin handle

Coffin handle, iron, loop grip type with rope or cord design


Coffin handle of iron, loop grip type. The ring is somewhat heart-shaped and has a moulded but overall semi-circular profile. The reverse is flat except where there appear to be three moulded vertical ribs, two of which may be part of the original hinge These ribs are contained within two thicker and higher ones from which runs a flat rim around the outer perimeter of the ring. Inside this rim and running down either side is a rope thread or cord impression which terminates in the centres in which an long oval shape occurs before the rope thread pattern resumes towards the bottom of the ring before terminating either side of a central design which extends in a dome shape into the circular loop and comprises of a central rope thread with slanted threads on either side tapering downwards into the ring itself. Appears to be one a pair which originated in the same context.

Found by Simon Large, County Archaeologist, on the surface at Doonass Church, Doonass Demense, Clonlara, Co. Clare, following soil disturbance.

Category: Funerary Equipment

2008.0016 (5047)