Dublin Metropolitan Police Baton


Baton, used by Dublin Metropolitan Police, hard wood baton which tapers gently from head to base of handle which has five raised ribs and is finished with a central flat top pommel with rounded sides. A narrow strip of leather is attached to the base of the handle forming a loop. The baton is inscribed with the letters “DMP” on side circa five inches from the first rib on the handle. Damage to the wood surface occurs beside the letters towards the handle and appears tidy and deliberate, possibly result of deliberate scraping away of insciption, side profile shows dip in this area.

The Dublin Metropolitan Police was also established in 1836, but unlike the RIC was not a paramilitary force, and was amalgamated into the Garda Siochana in 1925. It is not clear what its connection to Clare is. It was inherited from the de Valera Museum in 2000.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Social Control Equipment

2000.0036 (5562)