Coloured drawing

Framed and glazed drawing of 'The Irish Benches - The Irish Parliamentary Party of 1885'.


Colourized drawing of the Irish Party members of Parliament of 1885, each member is numbered with their name the bottom the image; 1) F X O’Brien, South Mayo; 2) Garret Byrne, West Wicklow; 3) (illegible) Leamy, North East Cork; 4) Timothy M Healy, South Derry; 5) Arthur O’Connor, East Donegal; 6) James Leahy, South Kildare; 7) William Corbett, (illegible); 8) J E Redmond, North Wexford; 9) Thomas Sexton, South Sligo; 10) John Dillon, East Mayo; 11) J L Carew, North Kildare; 12) P J Power, East Waterford; 13) John Barry, South Wexford; 14)Justin McCarthy, North Longford; 15) Sir Thomas Grattan Esmonde, Bt, South Dublin County; 16) Alexander Blane, South Armagh; 17) Edward Shiel, South Meath; 18) Richard Power, Waterford City; 19) Charles Stewart Parnell, Cork City; 20) T D Sullivan, College Green Division, Dublin; 21) Donal Sullivan, South Westmeath; 22) Kevin Izod O’Doherty, MD, North Meath; 23) W J Reynolds, East Tyrone; 24) Charles Tanner, MD, North Cork; 25) T P O’Connor, Scotland Ward, Liverpool; 26) Edmund Dwyer Gray, St Stephen’s Green Division, Dublin; 27) J D Sheehan, East Kerry; 28) John Stack, North Kerry; 29) D Crilly, North Mayo; 30) John O’Connor, South Tipperary; 31) Joseph G Biggar, West Cavan; 32) T Harrington, Dublin Harbour Division; 33) Edward Harrington, West Kerry; 34) J O’Connor (Lord Mayor), South Kerry; 35) John Deasy, West Mayo; 36) P J O’Brien, North Tipperary; 37) Thomas Condon, East Tipperary; 38) James J O’Kelly, North Roscommon; 39) Patrick O’Hea, West Donegal; 40) Luke Hayden, South Leitrim; 41) Joseph Nolan, North Louth; 42) Michael Conway, North Leitrim; 43) J R Cox, East Clare; 44) William O’Brien, South Tyrone; 45) Peter McDonald, North Sligo; 46) James Gilhooly, West Cork; 47) James Tuite, South Westmeath; 48) William Lane, East Cork; 49) Maurice Healy, Cork Cirty; 50), Dr Fox, Tullamore; 51) John Finucane, East Limerick; 52) Jasper D Pyne, West Waterford; 53) Thomas Mayne, Mid-Tipperary; 54) Richard Lalor, Queen’s County; 55) Alderman John Hooper, South East Cork; 56) Sir Joseph N McKenna, South Monaghan; 57) Laurence Connolly, South Longford; 58) Colonel J P Nolan, North Galway; 59) James C Flynn, North Cork; 60) John J Clancy, North Dublin County; 61) Joseph E Kenny, MD, South Cork; 62) E Mulhallen Marum, North Kilkenny; 63) P J Foley, West Galway; 64) David Sheehy, South Galway; 65) Thomas P Gill, South Louth; 66) William H K Redmond; 67) J H McCarthy, Newry; 68) Bernard Kelly, South Donegal; 69) Henry J Gill, Limerick City; 70) Bernard C Molloy, Birr Divison, King’s County; 71) Henry Campbell, South Fermanagh; 72) William Abraham, West Limerick; 73) Dr Andrew Commins, South Roscommon; 74) Matthew Harris, East Galway; 75) P A Chance, South Kilkenny; 76) James E O’Donohue, North Donegal; 77) Jeremiah Jordan, West Clare; 78) Thomas O’Hanlon, East Cavan; 79) M J Kenny, Mid-Tyrone; 80) W M Murphy, St Patrick’s Dublin; 81) J F Small, South Down; 82) J F Smithwick, Kilkenny.

The 1885 British general election was held from 24 November to 18 December 1885. The election saw the Liberals, led by William Gladstone, win the most seats, but not an overall majority.

As the Irish Parliamentary Party held the balance of power between them and the Conservatives who sat with an increasing number of allied Unionist MPs this exacerbated divisions within the Liberals over Irish Home Rule and led to a Liberal split and another general election the following year.

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