From Cyril Fogarty to Evy Shaw, Clarecastle, undated, 1930s, regarding Spanish Civil War.


Letter from Cyril Fogarty to Evy Shaw, on foolscap paper, typed carbon copy, on both obverse and reverse, reference to personal experiences during the Spanish Civil War

Evy Shaw was a friend of Cyril Fogarty residing at Abbeyview, Ballybeg, Clarecastle. This letter was inherited by the donor, Eric Shaw, who is a nephew of Evy.

Cyril Fogarty was also from Clarecastle and was employed by the Clare Champion as a reporter before moving to Spain in the early 1930s. It was in Spain with the Gomez Wine Company that he saw and reported on, for the Irish papers, the entry of the Moorish troops into Cadiz under General Franco and broadcast from Spanish radio an eye witness account of the highlights of the Civil War. On leaving Spain he returned to London where he worked with London County Council, and during the war, at the Ministry of Supply.

After the War he joined the Shell International Limited Executive Staff where he remained until his death.

According to an obituary on file, Cyril J Fogarty died in London in 1965 and was the eldest son of the late Thomas Fogarty, Clarecastle.

Collection: Eric Shaw

Category: Communication Equipment

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