Jar, ceramic, cream coloured glaze, Pure Sweet Cream, Rathlahine Home Farm, Newmarket-on-Fergus


Jar, ceramic, cream coloured glaze with small but sharp inclusions in places. The jar has a narrow flat base with bevel leading to body which expands from base to rounded shoulder above which is a short neck with a rounded rim. Inscribed on one side in black, “Pure Sweet Cream” above circular band of two concentric circles, inscribed within the band filling the top half is”RATHLAHINE HOME FARM” and inscribed within the band on the bottom half is “NEWMARKET-on-FERGUS”. The space inside the band contains three chasing shamrocks, the stems creating a roughly triangular outline.

RATHLAHINE is a large townland about three miles south-east of Newmarket-on-Fergus village. Rathlahine, or Ralahine, has gone down in history as the site of the famous “Rathlahine Agricultural and Manufacturing Co-operative Association”.

The Ralahine Commune was a co-operative society founded in 1831 on the estate of John Vandeleur at Ralahine (Rathlahine), Co. Clare. In an attempt to keep his tenants away from secret societies like the “Ribbonmen”, he brought a socialist called Thomas Craig from England to advise him on the establishment of the commune, which came into existence on the 7th of November 1831. The commune didn’t last long and closed in 1833.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Container

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