Autograph Book

Kathleen Griffin, Cumann na mBan, East Clare By-Election, 1917.

Message and signature from Kevin O'Sheil

Autograph book, landscape format, includes the following names:

  • Constance Markievicz
  • Michael Collins
  • Arthur Griffith
  • Laurence Ginnell
  • Count Plunkett
  • Micheál Brennan
  • Padraig Brennan
  • Austin Stack
  • Cathal O’Shannon
  • Alice Milligan
  • Cathal MacDubhghaill
  • Diarmuid Lynch
  • Dan McCarthy
  • Frank Thornton
  • Padraig Tarrant
  • Thomas Pugh
  • Darrell Figgis
  • Gilbert Lynch
  • John McDonagh
  • Maurice Brennan
  • Conor McGinley
  • Liam Paor
  • Cathal McDowell
  • J J Derrington
  • W Fuller
  • Maurice Moore
  • Art O’Donnell
  • John McElroy
  • James Michael Brennan
  • James Mallon
  • Alexander Thompson
  • Sean McMahon
  • Michael Murphy
  • Sean O’Dea
  • Martin or Michael Casserly
  • J Marlborough
  • Sean Noonan
  • B J Goff
  • John Browne
  • J J Byrne
  • Kevin R O’Sheil
  • Andrew Furlong
  • Charlie Donnelly
  • J Breen
  • Jennie Wyse-Power
  • Frances Mc Donnell
  • Hugh O’Brien-Moran
  • Mark Cummins
  • Liam Forde
  • Thomas Finnegan
  • Michael McCarthy
  • Frank Aiken
  • Arthur Gaynor
  • James J Hughes
  • M J Ryan
  • Mary McMahon
  • Thomas F O’Donnell
  • William McCarthy
  • Paul Dawson Cusack
  • Michael Lynch (brother of Diarmuid)
  • P Griffin
  • Joe McGuinness
  • Austin Stack
  • Sean O Murthuile
  • Peter Kavanagh
  • Eamonn Duggan
  • George Noble Count Plunkett
  • P J Byrne
  • V J Gogan
  • Patrick Quinn
  • D J Browne
  • P J Hogan.

Kathleen Griffin was an 18 year old woman from the Causeway, Ennis, and was a member of Cuman na mBán. She campaigned for de Valera during the 1917 East Clare by-election and acquired these signatures mostly during the early days of July, probably in the campaign HQ at the Old Ground Hotel. During the War of Independence she saved a teenager who was about to be shot by drunk members of the Crown Forces, by pretending to be his sister, calling him and taking him to her home before he could be shot. During martial law she often broke curfew to take messages around the town to and from different IRA members. She was frequently stopped and threatened with arrested. She married a British soldier who frequently stopped her during curfew and settled in Francis Street where they raised a family. She moved to the UK during the Second World War, taking the autograph book with her. Eamon de Valera’s signature was torn out by a priest in the UK who kept it as a souvenir. Album was left to her granddaughter Marian.

Collection: Kathleen Griffin Collection

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