Letter, from Arthur Lynch, House of Commons Library, to Foresters Club, in relation to Conscription Crisis, April 1918.


Letter, from Arthur Lynch, House of Commons Library, to Foresters Club, April 1918. On white paper, stamp punched into top centre of British Royal Standard surrounded by belt with motto of the Order of the Garter “Honi soit qui mal y pense” surmounted by crown and contained within oval with “HOUSE OF COMMONS” (top) and “LIBRARY (end). In manuscript and black ink, the letter reads “13 April 1918/? Mc?,/The Forester’s Club Ennis/Dear Sir/I have just received/your mail (?), for which I/thank you./The moment is grave, but/I hope that the crisis may/result in bringing together/all Irish patriots on/one great platform of/self-government – the/more complete(?), ? the/better I would like it./I am/Sincerely Yours/Arthur Lynch

Letter was sent days before the The Irish Conscription Bill was passed in the House of Commons on the 16th April 1918, Under the Bill, conscription could be introduced in Ireland by proclamation. There was widespread opposition to the Bill in Ireland at the time and in the main Irish people were united in their opposition. Found in former Foresters Club premises, O’Connell St, Ennis. Arthur Lynch was MP for West Clare at the time.

At the end of the page visible here and on the reverse, Lynch states that ‘I hope the crisis may result in bringing together all Irish patriots on one great platform of self-government…’

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