Lyons Perpetual Cup, Ennis Guild, Irish Countrywomen's Association


Silver cup, tall. Engraved on cup is the legend ‘Lyons Perpetual Cup, Ennis TA Guild, ICA, 1968’. Handles on each side. On the black plastic base of the cup are shields with the names of winners and the year it was awarded, from 1968 into the 1990s: carrying the names, Mary Lyons, 1968; Teresa Kerin, 1969; Teresa Kerin, 1970; Alice Cunningham, 1971; Patricia McHugh, 1972; Teresa Purcell, 1973; Kathleen Rush, 1974; C Warner, 1975; Patricia Newton, 1976; Kathleen Geraghty, 1977; Teresa Purcell, 1978; Ella Garvey, 1979; Eileen O’Brien, 1980; Kathleen Geraghty, 1981; Eileen O’Brien, 1982; Ellen Garvey, 1983; Mary O’Keeffe, 1984; Elizabeth Summerly, 1985; Mary McMahon, 1986; Mary O’Keeffe, 1987; M A Collins, 1988; Ellen Garvey, 1989; Ella Garvey, 1991; Mary English, 1992; Mary Linehan, 1993; Miriam O’Donoghue, 1994; Miriam O’Donoghue, 1995; Miriam O’Donoghue, 1996; Ella Garvey, 1997; Pauline Kelly, 1998; Bernie Ryan, 2000; Rosaleen Doris, 2001; Imelda Lyons, 2002; Jean Guilfoyle, 2003; Kay Galvin, 2005; Ella Garvey, 2006; Kay Smyth, 2007; Bernie Ryan, 2008; Kay Galvin, 2009

The Cup was presented to the guild by Mary Lyons in Memory of her husband P J Lyons, an insurance agent in Abbey Street, Ennis. It was presented for the first time in 1968. The cup was presented to the Ennis Guild ICA woman of the year for achievements in arts and crafts.

The ICA was founded in County Wexford by Anita Lett and Ellice Pilkington, great-granddaughter of Henry Grattan in 1911 as the Society of United Irishwomen. It was inspired by the work of Horace Plunkett. It changed its name to the Irish Countrywomens Association in 1935.

The association runs courses in crafts and skills at its centre, An Gríanán, in Termonfeckin, County Louth.

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