Medal, academic, silver, General Merit, Ennis Grammar School


Medal, academic, silver plated, Ennis Grammar School, 1888. No suspension ring. Obverse: Erasmus Smith Coat of Arms in relief, shield over anchor in palm branches, words – MUNIFICENTIA ERASMI SMITH – above; beneath F.C.W. GRIFFITH – GENERAL MERIT – XMAS 1888 – beneath. Reverse: profile of Roman goddess Minerva in relief, above words – INGENIO VIRTUE LABORE – beneath – ENNIS GRAMMAR SCHOOL R.H. FLYNN LLD HEADMASTER

Ennis Grammar School was endowed by the Erasmus Smith Fund, and was also known as the Erasmus Smith College and Ennis College. Ennis school was set up in 1773, and closed in 1891.

The awardee of the medal was the son of the Reverend Julius Henry Griffith, who served as Rector of Drumcliffe Union (Killaloe) from 1884. The family lived in the Rectory at 1 Bindon Street in Ennis, County Clare.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Medallion/Badge

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