Medal, military, bronze, Irish War of Independence Service Medal, 1919-1921, with Comhrach bar


Medal, military, bronze, Irish War of Independence or 1919-1921 Service Medal, medal 41mm in diameter. Obverse: solider in uniform (said to be typical of the Irish flying column o fthe period) facing front, holding riffle, the arms of the four provinces of Ireland are contained in the quarters, and the legend EIRE is across the centre with COGADH NA SAOIRSE on the inside perimeter near the base. Reverse: Plain with spray of palm leaves around one edge. Ribbon: Half black, half tan or orange, ribbon is frayed on the left hand side, and is discoloured. Suspension: The ribbon passes through a bronze inverted traingular suspender, at the top of which is a bar bearing the word “Comhrac” signifying that the recipient of this medal took part in active service; The bottom part of the suspender is covered in a Celtic design in relief which ends in a ring which is attached by a jump ring to the medal.

Patrick Keane was O/C of the Mid Clare Brigade for a time during the Irish War of Independence, he later took the Anti-Treaty side in the Civil War and was interred in Gormanstown Camp for 18 months.

Category: Medallion/Badge

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