Medal, sport, silver, with green enamel, hurling, Báire Sóis b, 1944, Fichail (Feakle),


Medal, sport, Báire Sóis b, 1944, Fichail (Feakle). Silver medal. Obverse: circular open-work Celtic cross with incised knotwork decoration on arms. Shield in the centre of the cross with green enamel inlay and raised silver decoration of two hurleys crossed close to the boss a sliotar in the centre. Suspension ring with jump loop in the centre of the top arm of cross. Reverse: Engraved inscription across the centre in Gaelic script “Báire Sóis b 44./Fichail”. Hallmarks, difficult to read

This medal was won by Andrew McDowell of Feakle, Co. Clare. Andrew McDowell was a carpenter by trade, trained in this craft by Thomas Dooley of Feakle. Andrew later emigrated to Canada, staying with one of his Carey aunts, but later returned. Andrew lived in Dublin but paid frequent visits to his brothers and sisters.

The donor received the medal from his aunt, Mairead McDowell Donnelly, sister of original winner and recipient, Andrew McDowell.

Category: Medallion/Badge

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