Portrait Miniature

Miniature painted portrait, oval shaped, framed and glazed, of Frances Scott, Cahiracon House, Kildysart, early 19th century.


Miniature painted portrait, square shaped, framed and glazed, of Frances Scott, Cahiracon House, Kildysart, featuring a young woman who is seated looking at the viewer, wearing a blue dress, curls down the sides of both sides of her head. The back of the gold picture frame is black.

Cahiracon House, Kildysart, is a large square 18th century three-storey, five-bay house over a basement, with large nineteenth-century two-storey wings.

About 1780, when an East India fleet took refuge in the Shannon, an encampment was formed in the deer-park of Cahiracon.

In 1837 it was the seat of Bindon Scott. The Scotts were popular landlords.

James Kelly was the owner of Cahiracon House in 1865. He sold it to Lord Annaly in 1876. Lord Annaly is better known locally as Colonel White, the man who “brought water over a hill” from Effernan Lake by siphon to supply the domestic needs of Cahiracon. He is also the man who built the billiard-room in expectation of a visit from his crown prince, later King Edward VIII. Colonel White sold the estate in 1889.

The Vandeleur family moved to Cahiracon in the late 1890’s after their house at Kilrush had burned down.

The Society of St. Columban, also known as the Maynooth Mission to China, bought the property in 1920. They in time sold it to the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco.

Collection: Cahiracon House

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