Mortice Gauge

Mortice gauge, wooden with brass components, carpenter's tool, no. 113


Mortice gauge, wooden with brass components. Wooden stem with brass insert containing two pins, one of which is moveable by means of an adjuster screw at the top. The stem is held within a roughly square wooden fitting which is adjustable by means of a brass screw on one side.

These tools belonged to Patrick Clancy (1870-1954), Beechpark, Ennis, who was apprenticed to Morgan Mc Inerney of Ennis as a carpenter and wheelwright. He later became head carpenter for the Crowe family of Dromore House, Ruan. The tools were passed on to heis nephew Kirwan, John F, Ruan, also a carpenter, who donated them to the de Valera Museum.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Tool/Implement

2000.0064 (5565)