N M Smyth & Sons, Millers and Merchants, O'Callaghan's Mills, County Clare, 5th December, 1944.


Postcard. Obverse: addressed to Messers John R Tinsly Ltd, Upper William St., Limerick, one penny, one 1/2 penny stamps, post mark illegible; reverse ‘Sirs, kindly send per GSR/(illegible) on Wednesday morning/10 cwt salt/1/2 gross cut lump/1/2 gross saxa/Yours faithfully/Norah Smyth’.

John Richard Tinsly established his firm in Limerick in 1840 to bring salt from Britain to Ireland. In the days before electricity, salt was used to preserve meat, mostly bacon and salted herrings.

Tinsly’s celebrated 175 years in business in 2015 and today supplies salt mainly for water treatment purposes as it removes calcium, magnesium and limes scale.

John Richard Tinsly was mayor of Limerick in 1865.

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