Detachable Neckwear Accessory

Neckwear accessory, cream/beige in colour.

A cream / beige neckwear accessory.

Cream or beige coloured neckwear accessory, to be stitched to evening wear. A technique called tatting was used, creating knots and loops to create a durable texture.

This is one of a number of items in a collection of needlework in cotton and linen by Annie O’Dwyer (nee Killeen, of Moleskey) who lived between 1888-1979, of Annagh House, Miltown Malbay.

It was donated to the collection by her daughter Mary Coughlan (nee O’Dwyer) and family, Lahinch, with the assistance of her daughter Ann Coughlan.

This was worn over evening-wear and stitched to the garment.

Collection: Mary Coughlan

Category: Personal Accessory, Textile crafts

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