Courts Martial Guidelines

Notice of death sentence, Private Patrick Hawes, 4th September, 1920.


Titled ‘Instructions for the Guidance of Courts Martial Where A Sentence of Death has been Passed’; issued to 35178 Private Joseph Hawes and signed by Sydney Lawford, General, at Dayshai, 04/09/1920; on foolscap paper, badly damaged around edges by sellotape. Handwritten near the top of the page in ink is ‘Finance 22.5.29’.

This item was found in the papers of the late Patrick Hogan former TD for Clare. Patrick Hogan, born Kilmaley 1886, died 24 January, 1969. Joined Gaelic League and Irish Volunteers and was interned and fought during the War of Independence; a socialist, after the Treaty he became an official with the ITGWU; elected to Dáil Eireann as a Labour Party TD for Clare in 1923 but lost his seat in 1938 and was subsequently elected to the Seanad. While a member of the Dail he qualified as a barrister and was called to the bar in 1936; elected TD again in 1943 and became Ceann Comhraile of the Dail in 1951, which he held until 1967; he welcomed JF Kennedy to the house in June 1963.

On 28 June 1920, four men from C Company of the 1st Battalion, Connaught Rangers, based at Wellington Barracks, Jalandhar in the Punjab, protested against martial law in Ireland by refusing to obey orders.

One of them, Joe Hawes, had been on leave in Clare in October 1919 and had seen a hurling match proclaimed in by British troops with bayonets drawn. Poor accommodation conditions in the Wellington Barracks may have provided an additional cause of the dispute.

Private Patrick Hawes was subsequently executed.

Collection: Senan Hogan

Category: Social Control Equipment

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