Clay Pipe Bowl

Pipe, clay, bowl of, inscription Ireland for the Irish


Pipe, clay, bowl of. Slightly bulbous bowl with incised line around exterior just beneath rim. An inscription is stamped or impressed into the clay on the stem face side of the bowl where a vague image of a harp is encircled by the words “Ireland for the Irish” which are inscribed inside the perimeter of a circle. The bowl is broken lengthwise in two pieces with a portion near rim missing. The inside of the bowl dark and discoloured from use. Does not appear to have had a heel.

Clay pipes were commonly used in Ireland in the 18th and 19th century and in the late 19th century, frequently carried political messages.

This one was found in upturned topsoil in the village of Clarecastle.

Category: Smoking Equipment

2004.0051 (5452)