Postcard, b/w, photo of John Breen, Kilmihill shot dead aged 22 years


Postcard, b/w, portrait format, obverse contains a photograph of John Breen, a young man in jacket, shirt and tie with flower in lapel and tie pin on diagonally stripped tie. The image is contained within a black oval shaped border placed almost centrally in the card, beneath the image the following is printed: “JOHN BREEN/Aged 22 Years/Shot Dead in Kilmihill”. The reverse has a landscape orientation. In the centre top are the words “POST CARD.” underlined twice with small floral decorative device in the centre. Under this is printed “THE ADDRESS TO BE WRITTEN ON THIS SIDE.” To the right is a black outlined square for a stamp. Postcard is unused.

In April 1920, after Sunday mass, an attack took place on the R.I.C. patrol in the village of Kilmihil. A local man, John Breen, was shot dead. Sergeant Carrol, R.I.C. was also killed and Constable Collins was severely wounded. Several civilians were injured in a conflict between police and people. There are reports of panic as men, women and children fled in all directions. John Breen was aged 22. He became a member of the Volunteers in 1917, with the formation of the Kilmihil Company. He became one of its first officers. A monument to his memory has been erected in Kilmihil.

Collection: Ellen D. Murphy

Category: Memorial Equipment

2003.0038 (5232)