Ration book

Ration book, 1948, red cover with black print, Mary O'Loughlin, Francis St, Ennis.


Ration book, 1948, red cover with black print, held together by two metal staples, book issued by Depart of Industry and Commerce, Dublin.. The text on the cover consists of the following: Sreath-Uimhir: Serial Number: U No. 62135. Leabhar Ciondala Generalta General Ration Book Tabhair Amach 1948 issue Ainm Name: James O’Loughlin. Seoladh Address: Francis St, Ennis, Clare (the name and address are handwritten). Ma gheibhtear e seo ag dul amu, cuir e go dti: – If found return to: Runaidhe, Roinn Tionscail agus Trachtla, Baile Atha Cliath. Secretary, Department of Industry and Commerce, Dublin. W.P.W. Ltd. There is an official stamp at the top right hand corner showing image of harp and the words Diolta go hOifigiuil Official Paid. Another harp image is located just above the book title. Three bands of bright red colour 4mm wide run across the centre of the page diagonally. Inside of front and back cover is a table for writing in “Shopkeeper’s Receipts for Pages Detached). This book contains handwritten and stamped details as follows: 21/5/49 (date); 2 – 4 (No. of Page detached); Lipton Ltd. Ennis (Shopkeeper’s Signature and Address). The first six pages consist of information about ration books in both Irish and English. A number of pages have been removed. The following seven pages contain unused ration tokens, and consist of 2 pages for Clothing, and one page each for Soap, Flour/Confectionary, and one page each for tokens lettered H, Q, and R, the pages are number 10, 11, 12, 13, 21, 30, and 31 respectively. The name and address of James O’Loughlin have been handwritten into the page containing tokens for the letter H. Two shorter fold out page occurs at the back, 3 pages in width, numbered from number 35 to number 37, printed on both sides, this page is entittled “Householder’s Folder”, and consists of a number of counterfoils for information relating to household.

Category: Grocery Coupons

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