Router, wood and metal carpenter's tool, with handles, key and blades

Router, wood and metal carpenter’s tool, with 2 panel and blade and screws with brass key and plates. Steel blade is inserted diagonally into the body, a brass key on the top loosens and tightens a vice mechanism beneath the blade edge. The piece is highly crafted, the handle terminals have enclosed in brass and the terminal bases are finished in layered wood creating a cross shape design, the top of the body is also decorated with brass inlay. This instrument would be used by a carpenter to shape components. If the carpenter was going to make a lot of joints of the same type from a template, it is important that all mouldings are of even depth, so a router plane is useful. This little plane has its cutter end at right angles to the body of the plane, so that it cuts parallel with the surface of the board.

These tools belonged to Patrick Clancy (1870-1954), Beechpark, Ennis, who was apprenticed to Morgan Mc Inerney of Ennis as a carpenter and wheelwright. He later became head carpenter for the Crowe family of Dromore House, Ruan. The tools were passed on to heis nephew Kirwan, John F, Ruan, also a carpenter, who donated them to the de Valera Museum.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Tool/Implement

2000.0081 (5422)