Insurance Renewal Reminder

Royal Insurance Company Limited, Ennis, to Foresters Club, Ennis, 18th June, 1918.


Circular insurance renewal reminder, can be folded over and closed; from Royal Insurance Company Limited Ennis to Forester Club, Ennis, 18th June, 1918 for policy number 14219734 for the sum of £200, giving premium; signed M McMahon; attached to the document is a notice titled ‘War Conditions’ asking if this insurance has been increased to cover present day cost of replacement as all buildings and good have greatly advanced in value causing insufficient insurance. Stamped and addressed to the Foresters Club, Ennis.

These items were found in a premises in O’Connell Street in 2003, by John A Murphy who had a shoe repair workshop there. The premises was once the club house of the Ancient Order of Foresters. Mr Murphy donated these items to the museum prior to his moving premises.

Collection: Foresters

Category: Communication Equipment, Visual Representation

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