Saddle Quern

Saddle quern, stone, found at Knockroe, Lahinch.


Saddle quern, stone, found at Knockroe, Lahinch,for which a rubbing stone was also found: maxiumum length, 62 cm; max width, 31 cm; max depth, 14 cm.

The discovery of this saddle quern with its rubbing stone was brought to the curators attention by the finder following an article in the Clare Champion about saddle querns in Clare Museum, published in February 2004.

Shortly after, in March, the curator received a call from Edel Greene, a landscape archaeologist then working at the Clare Champion, who had visited the find site. Ms Greene and the curator visited the site together at Knockroe, Lahinch, later that month.

The finder informed the curator that the saddle quern and rubbing stone were found together about 24 inches beneath the surface of the soil, and were located during the digging of a foundation trench for a new wall about ten years previously.

No other objects or features of significance were located during the curators inspection of the find spot.

The quern stone and rubbing stone were then transferred to the museum under the National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1994.

Collection: National Monuments (Amendment) Act, 1994

Category: Tool/Implement

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