Seal, metal, of the Borough of Ennis, 1871


Seal matrix, metal and ivory, 3 piece, metal head screws into handle base which in turn screws into top of handle. Handle is slim at first with two knops before it becomes bulbous towards the top. An inscription encircles the handle just above the widest point and reads “Presented by William Stacpoole Esq.re M.P. for the Burrough . 1871”. A decorative motif divides the begining and end of the inscription. The metal matrix shows three ships organised in an inverted triangle formation, these are enclosed within a decorative border which is enclosed on each side with a wreath, to the left the wreath is comprised of foliage with small serrated leaves, the right side shows foliage with long fronds. A fleur-de-lis type decoration fills the space at the top between the two types of foliage. A scroll or banner underneath the above described reads “Borrough of Ennis”.

William Stacpoole was born at Ballyalla, Ennis on 9 October 1830 and he represented the Borough of Ennis at Westminster for 19 years. He died in London on July 1879 at the age of 49.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Communication Equipment

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