Spokeshave, wooden body with central metal blade, long tapered handles at sides

Spokeshave, wooden body with metal blade in central position, handles taper gently towards edges. It is a two-handled tool for working on rounded stock. It can have a flat or rounded base for convex or concave surfaces. The name comes from a time when wheelrights made spokes for wooden wheels

These tools belonged to Patrick Clancy (1870-1954), Beechpark, Ennis, who was apprenticed to Morgan Mc Inerney of Ennis as a carpenter and wheelwright. He later became head carpenter for the Crowe family of Dromore House, Ruan. The tools were passed on to heis nephew Kirwan, John F, Ruan, also a carpenter, who donated them to the de Valera Museum.

Collection: De Valera Museum

Category: Tool/Implement

2000.0046 (5564)