Surplice, white, handmade, linen and Limerick Lace, once owned by Fr Michael Sheedy, Kilrush, 1965.


Surplice, white, handmade, with linen upper half, and lower half and sleeves of Limerick Lace, with motifs of leaves and bunches of grapes.

This surplice was designed by Sr M. Flannan O’Shea on the occassion of the ordination of Fr Michael O’Shea (1939-2021) in 1965 and hand stitched by his sister Breda Sheedy, the donor. Shortly before his death, he gave the surplice back to his sister Breda as he did not know what else to do with it.

Sr M Flannan O’Shea was the third cousin of Father Michael O’Shea and his sister Breda. She was one of three sisters who joined the Sisters of Mercy.

Collection: Breda Sheedy

Category: Religious/Ritual Equipment

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