Tinted, North View of Broadford, Hely's Limited, Dublin, 22 August, 1919.


Tinted, North View of Broadford, Hely’s Limited, Dublin. Correspondence on reverse reads, ‘Dear Nora, I am out since Monday could you come down some day. I’ll go up to meet you but let me know what road you will come. How are all the nurses. When you see P J last week he went home I will now (illegible), trusting to hear from you soon, Bridget. What do you think of Bridget now NC; addressed to Miss N O’Connor, District Asylum, Ennis, County Clare. Stamped Broadford, Limerick, 22 August, 1919.

Collected by Teanie Culligan (nee O’Connor) of Lissycasey, County Clare, born 1899 and died in 1964. She trained as a nurse and lived in Limerick.

It was donated to the museum by her son.

Collection: Teanie Culligan

Category: Communication Equipment, Visual Representation

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