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Clare County Library, Clare County Archives and the Clare Heritage online archive can be used to further explore the history and culture of County Clare.

For further reading and research on the objects of Clare Museum’s exhibitions, please see the below list. These materials can all be accessed in the Clare Local Studies Centre, Ennis.

The reading materials on the list are grouped according to some of the main sections of the Museum’s long-term exhibition: Earth, Power, Faith, and Water.


Poulabrone Portal Tomb

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Parknabinna Court Tomb

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Roughan Hill

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Flax Growing and Processing

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Poulawack Burial Cairn

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Butter Making

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Turf Cutting

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Rural Life in Clare

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East Clare By-election

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Earls of Thomand/O’Briens

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Land War/Evictions in Clare

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Agrarian Agitation

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The Earls of Thomand/Anglo Normans in Clare

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Cromwellian Clare

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Excavations at Cahercommaun

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Mooghaun Hillfort

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Gleninsheen Gorget

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Dysert O Dea, 12th Century high crosses

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Kilfenora, High Crosses, 12th Century

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War of Independence

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Boolybrien Hoard

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Iniscealtra/Holy Island

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Temperance Movement of 19th Century Clare

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Reformation in Clare

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Ballylean, Kildysert

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Tuamgraney Monastery

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Emigration in 19th Century Clare

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The sinking of the Edmund at Kilkee, 1850.

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